Low-code development platforms: the fastest way to the optimal application

Mobile and web-based applications, or apps for short, speed up processes and thus fit perfectly into today's zeitgeist. Because everything should happen quickly. But the quality of the services or products should still be consistently good and the price competitive. This is what customers expect. Meeting these goals is not easy. To do so, companies have to work very efficiently. This can only work if both internal and external business processes are streamlined and smartly controlled by apps that can be continuously adapted to rapidly changing requirements.

Apps need to be dynamic

The right applications are certainly capable of solving the challenges faced by companies today. However, off-the-shelf standard applications are usually not able to optimally cover the individual and special requirements of a company. Therefore, existing applications often have to be further developed and adapted or even completely redeveloped. This often happens not just once, but over and over again, as the apps must be continuously adapted to the rapidly evolving environment in order to continue to fulfill their purpose as desired. If this happens with conventional programming tools, it can become very expensive and cost a lot of time.

In the meantime, however, there is a clever «shortcut» that enormously accelerates the development process for mobile and web-based apps developed to meet individual needs, while also reducing costs: On low-code platforms, experts can develop individual apps very efficiently with greatly reduced effort.

Quickly developed with low-code

Low-code development platforms use visual and graphical design tools and elements for software development instead of traditional text-based programming languages. They are thus the successor to fourth-generation programming languages. The new development environment makes it possible to develop, enhance and deploy software much faster. The simpler use of the development tools and the shorter duration of the development itself not only reduce the costs for the actual software development, but also simultaneously reduce the expenses for project planning and the training of the employees involved.

The benefits at a glance

An important argument in favor of this type of development platform is in any case the already mentioned greatly reduced effort for individually created applications. Very specific processes can be greatly simplified and optimized. Unlike standard solutions, which often require the purchase of many modules and applications that are not needed at all, solutions developed individually on low-code platforms can be created with exactly the functions and input masks that are required. No more and no less. This streamlines development considerably. The company only pays for exactly what it actually needs to speed up its processes, thus reducing its costs while increasing efficiency.

In addition, solutions created on low-code development platforms can be seamlessly connected with software solutions already available in the company. For example, data and processes from a CRM solution can be easily merged with software from production in a mobile solution. In this way, those responsible have access to the information they need for their work at all times, which additionally simplifies and accelerates processes.

Many companies have already recognized the advantages of low-code development. The proportion of apps created on this basis is growing continuously. The apps are also particularly interesting for companies because they can be operated not only «on premise» but also from the cloud. This gives companies the opportunity to reduce their costs to a minimum by handing over technical support from A to Z to external experts.

Are you constantly busy adapting your web-based or mobile applications or having them adapted for a lot of money? Do you feel like you're always one step behind the necessary development? Then low-code development could be the key to your problems.

Read more about software development with low-code here or talk directly to our expert Stefan Heer, who is very experienced in supporting low-code projects.

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