IT Security Assessment

Why is IT security so important for companies?

Attacks today happen predominantly digitally. They violate data protection, attempt to elicit company secrets and can cause a huge loss of image - especially when customer data is involved. The follow-up costs are then often much higher than the investments that would have been necessary to avoid the damage. Cases of large companies with attacks on customer data fill the headlines. Every company must demonstrate that it is taking precautions for its own IT security to avoid problems in the event of an emergency.

How do you check the security of your IT infrastructure?

To review your IT infrastructure, you need experts. Whether a corporate group or an SME, the challenges are similar for all - only the dimensions differ. Primetrack's experts analyze your IT environment using professional criteria, find the potential for optimization for you and uncover necessary fields of action. As an evaluation, you will receive a complete final report that examines your IT infrastructure in all relevant individual aspects and identifies necessary measures that contribute to improving IT security. In this way, you can close existing security gaps with little effort, increase your productivity and avoid damage to your image due to possible attacks.

Primetrack supports SMEs and large corporations in all industries, works independently of manufacturers and finds the best solution and the fastest way to implement it. Primetrack's more than 20 years of experience in the IT infrastructure sector as well as its comprehensive knowledge of regulations and current IT security standards are decisive for this.

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