Spot-on Outsourcing: Managed Service at Primeo Energie

Best support and rapid integration into the team from day 1
Cost reduction for service provision in the 1st first year
0 %
Decrease in the number of open tickets from 300 to an average of 50


Primeo Energie was founded in 1897 as the cooperative Elektra Birseck Münchenstein (EBM). The head office for Switzerland is in Münchenstein, Primeo Energie France is based in Paris. Primeo Energie develops energy solutions for private and business customers, energy supply companies, cities and municipalities. 615 employees reliably supply over 170,000 customers in Switzerland and France with energy. Sales amounted to CHF 1139 million in 2021, with EBIT of CHF 72 million.

«Primeo Energie regularly looks at its process efficiency and possible organizational adjustments, and this benchmark showed that we definitely have the potential to outsource certain areas with partners and decide where to invest in improvements to our IT services.»
Philipp Müller, in January 2023, CIO Primeo Energie

In the project with Primeo Energie, rapid implementation of the measures was essential, so it was crucial that the collaboration between Primeo Energie and Primetrack employees worked well from day 1.

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Goal: Increase efficiency while reducing the workload of employees

Primeo Energie regularly analyzes its processes to identify potential for improvement in the areas of process efficiency, security and innovation. In 2021, a benchmark revealed that IT services urgently needed to be optimized. The use of a partner in the hourly model and remotely, who primarily forwarded tickets but did not resolve issues independently, did not bring the desired success and was not widely accepted - also due to the high cost of the service. In addition, the internal employees were still overloaded with processing standard requests. An on-site solution with partial outsourcing was therefore sought.

The aim was to increase the efficiency of IT and at the same time reduce the workload of employees so that they could concentrate more on their core competencies and main tasks in future. Primetrack AG was chosen as the partner because it was able to provide exactly the services required for the project with the necessary scope of outsourcing and was also a very good cultural fit for Primeo Energie. Primetrack AG scored particularly well in the selection process thanks to its flexibility and positive approach to customers - both important arguments for Primeo Energie.


The approach: Primetrack immediately recognized that there was an immediate need for action

For the first phase, it was important that Primetrack AG was immediately prepared to take a certain risk and offer a transition service directly. The optimization potential quickly became clear and improvements were achieved. Primetrack employees used their ability to integrate very quickly into existing IT teams and provide them with optimal support immediately.

Primetrack was able to score points with these advantages:

  • uncomplicated and rapid intervention
  • fast and competent support for the Primeo Energie IT team
  • cost optimization and increased efficiency
  • excellent and pleasant customer service

Top: Outsourcing to the point

Primeo Energie's on-site services have been developed away from ad hoc support and towards strategic outsourcing by means of managed services. Thanks to its comprehensive range of services, Primetrack AG can continuously develop itself and its expertise in customer projects and implement individual solutions. In addition to providing support in the various project phases, Primetrack AG was also closely involved in the development and introduction of portfolio management in this project.

Seamless and uncomplicated support for the Primeo IT team

The Primetrack team works on site with Primeo Energie's IT staff and also supports them in the further development of their IT products. In this way, the Primetrack employees were quickly integrated into the internal team and were soon able to work very independently. Responsibilities and competencies were clearly defined. As a result, internal employees were once again able to complete their tasks to the highest quality and use their core competencies profitably, giving them an additional motivation boost.

Further benefits such as cost optimization and increased efficiency were achieved. The number of open tickets fell steadily from 300 to an average of 50, and costs for service provision were reduced by more than 30% in the first year alone. Dealing with internal customers in the specialist departments is excellent, which meant that outsourcing was immediately accepted by customers. This significantly improved the reputation and image of the entire team.

«That's why it was important that these partners could offer quite precisely on the part we were looking for and we also looked strongly at the culture match. We ended up choosing Primetrack and we saw that their customer approach was excellent. That was certainly one of the most important aspects I would like to emphasize, because it helped us to achieve good acceptance of this outsourcing very quickly.»
Philipp Müller, in January 2023, CIO Primeo Energie

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