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Executive Search: not only helpful for recruiting Executives

Executive Search is not simply the search for executives. This short description would do injustice to this comprehensive service. The term stands for specialized consulting by a personnel service provider who assists companies individually and professionally through all phases of the recruiting process and often continues to support candidates even after they have been placed. Although the executive search method is mostly chosen when management positions or important functions in the middle to upper job hierarchy need to be filled, the term «executive» refers much more to the how than to the who or what.

How exactly does an executive search work? What are the benefits and when is it worth spending more money on the search than on a pure recruitment service? Let's take a closer look at four points that make it worthwhile to use this personnel service.

Point 1: The requirements profile

At the beginning of every successful placement of candidates stands a precise and detailed requirements profile for the position or function to be filled. A well-formulated description of the function, which precisely describes the required skills, preferences, the desired level of experience and also the necessary personality traits, forms the indispensable basis for the efficient identification and selection of suitable candidates. Ideally, the personnel consultant prepares the profile in close cooperation with the client. Here, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the respective industry and requirements of the function for which the search is being conducted is essential. It is therefore beneficial for companies to turn to executive search consultants who are familiar with their own industry and can demonstrate that they have the necessary experience and a corresponding network.

Point 2: The search for potential candidates

Based on the requirements profile, the search for employees suitable for the position can now begin. The predefined characteristics and skills are compared with those of the candidates and the perfect match is sought. For the search, specific job advertisements are launched on portals suitable for the job and incoming applications are thoroughly screened before the most promising prospects are invited for a first personal interview. Other potential employees are ideally found in the existing candidate pool, which many personnel service providers actively manage.

Point 3: The selection of the perfect matches

Once potentially well-suited candidates have been selected, it is up to the client to choose the perfect match. This requires detailed personal interviews in which not only the skills and experience of the potential new employee are discussed, but also preferences, favorite activities and personality. The perfect match should not only fit in terms of skills, but also be able to integrate well into the existing team with regard to character and personal nature, so that the best possible chances of a long-term employment relationship exist. This point is time consuming and represents a very important part of the executive search.

Point 4: absolute confidentiality

Discretion is another crucial point. Searching for employees via a personnel service provider ensures that the search goes unnoticed by the competition. Communication with the seekers is also discreet, of course, and it is guaranteed that the potential candidates are not simply called spontaneously during office hours, but that suitable appointments are arranged with them in writing in advance.

In summary, it can be said that the following qualities of the personnel service provider are particularly significant in executive search:

  • He has in-depth knowledge of the industry for which you are looking.
  • He has an extensive network in the industry where you are looking for employees.
  • He obtains detailed knowledge about the function to be filled.
  • He is absolutely professional in identifying candidates and in the process of getting to know them.
  • Confidentiality is a top priority.

These are some important aspects, which can influence the search for executives in a very positive way. Especially in the current time, when it is not always easy to find suitable and loyal employees, executive search can make the small but important difference.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Saving time and resources: The recruitment service provider takes over the complete recruitment process from A - Z including identification, contacting, clarification, communication and application assessment.
  • Access to the existing and active pool of qualified candidates
  • Experience, know-how, expertise and a good network in the industry where recruiting takes place.
  • Absolutely discreet recruiting process
  • Ensuring the availability of qualified candidates that fit the company


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